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sharon jul12Despite falling back to fourth early after starting on the pole, Bobby charged back to the front by the halfway mark and maintained control for the rest of the 40-lap race, ultimately claiming his seventh World of Outlaws Series win on Friday night at Sharon (OH) Speedway. “The start was sketchy and had me a little nervous,” Bobby said. “It was slimy when we took the green, and the hard tire did not like that. But we finally got going and started digging. This place gets really slick and super icy, and most tracks aren’t like that, so it was tricky. The car was great. Fortunately, we didn’t lose too many positions, and it worked out.”

bedford jul11 1Bobby’s tires held up in a caution-filled 45-lap World of Outlaws Series race Thursday night at Bedford (PA) Speedway as he collected his sixth series victory of the season. He started outside the front row and wasted little time getting to the front, seizing control on the second lap and never looking back. “We’ve been on a roll lately,” Bobby said after his fifth win in the last nine races. “This was a new track, so we didn’t know what to expect, but we rolled pretty good there. It reminded me of Port Royal. It’s fun going to these big tracks because you have a lot of speed. The straightaways are so long, so on the restarts, you had to build up the speed. It was a different challenge in turn one compared to turn three. The car was awesome all day.”

lincoln jul8Bobby took command on lap 13 and cruised to the win by over five seconds Monday night in the 50-lap FloRacing Night in America race at Lincoln (IL) Speedway. “The car was absolutely phenomenal,” Bobby said. “Shoutout to my crew (Dad, Austin, Justin, Brad, and Jeff). We've been on the road for the past two weeks and these guys keep digging, I can't thank them enough. Big thanks as always to my family, sponsors, and fans.”

300 winsIn a remarkable milestone, Bobby has now reached the 300 feature win mark in his career. He began his racing career in quarter midgets, showcasing his natural talent and competitive spirit from a young age. His transition through the various ranks of dirt track racing has been nothing short of spectacular, with each stage of his career marked by significant victories and a growing fanbase. Bobby’s journey to 300 wins has been filled with memorable moments. From thrilling last-lap passes to dominant performances in some of the sport's most prestigious events, he has consistently demonstrated why he is considered one of the best in the business.

deercreek jul6 1Taking the lead on lap 59, Bobby stayed in control for the rest of the 75-lap distance to earn his second consecutive $50,000 Gopher 50 win Saturday night at Deer Creek (MN) Speedway. He started third in the World of Outlaws sanctioned race and was second by lap three. From there, Bobby stayed close to the leader and slid in front briefly on lap 37 but had to go back to second after a caution on the same lap. He continued to pressure the leader before making the winning pass when he dove under Sheppard down the backstretch and slid in front of him entering turn three. "That was a fun racetrack to drive," Bobby said. "It was super technical up there, on the cushion along the wall. This thing was smooth as glass out there. When this thing is sliding across the racetrack, it's very technical. A lot of fun. Car was awesome. Man, what a week we've had. This is incredible. After all the bad luck we had there, to come back and win all these races, it's what it's all about.”

ogilvie jul3 1Bobby turned a weekend to forget into an unforgettable three-race stretch that saw him capture two wins, a runner-up finish, and $72,500 in earnings, culminating in his richest victory of the season Wednesday night as he banked $50,000 in the XR Minnesota Mega at Ogilvie (MN) Raceway. He started sixth in the 50-lap race but didn’t stay there long. On the opening lap, he climbed to third and made the pass for second on lap 13. Bobby seized control on lap 19 and never looked back as he pulled away to an over three-second advantage at the checkers in the caution-free race.

“I really looked forward to coming to this track,” Bobby said. “It had an awesome shape and everything to it. I obviously never raced here before, not knowing what it was gonna do, but it was an awesome racetrack. It really allowed us to go from sixth to first. It took about five or six laps for us to really get going. When I was riding in third, I kind of started catching those guys on the bottom, and then we caught some lapped traffic and I moved up and it felt pretty good up there too. I love the long runs. It really helps us. And the way we just set the car up and the way we do the tires, how we cut ’em and sipe ’em to make ’em last, it’s always hard when you go to a new racetrack. You never really know how it is on stuff, but I think we had an awesome setup tonight.”

proctor jul1After not finishing the last two races due to mechanical trouble, Bobby bounced back in a big way on Monday night at Proctor (MN) Speedway. Taking the lead on lap 22, he stayed out front for the rest of the 40-lap distance to score the $15,000 XR Super Series win. "It feels awesome ... to have the last two days we had, that's the worst thing you can have in racing is to break a big powerplant," Bobby said. "It gets expensive, and we have some races to win back to make up for that stuff. Thanks to everyone out there who sent us the good mojo! Definitely needed it. The car was excellent again tonight. Awesome little track! Big thanks to my Dad and all my crew for the hard work the past several days. Even through all the bad luck and misfortune they kept digging. Shoutout to my family, sponsors, and fans for all that you guys do."

hamiltonco jun25Bobby did not like his chances after his bad luck continued in the feature redraw as he drew a six. “When I drew that six pill, I really thought that took out our chance of winning,” Bobby said. “A lot of times, it’s single file and you can’t pass with air and all the other things.” At the start of the 35-lap feature, he got to the bottom and the car stuck; he knew then that he might have something. He jumped to the top and was second by the fourth lap. He shot to the lead on lap 10 and ran away to a three-second advantage at the checkers as he cruised to his 22nd career World of Outlaws Series victory and second consecutive Tuesday night at Hamilton County (IA) Speedway. “It was an awesome race track,” Bobby said. “Top to bottom, the place was racey. When we race on these big race tracks, for it to be a big track and for it to be super racey was pretty incredible. It was a good track, and I’m glad to get the win tonight.”

independence jun24Unlike the previous two World of Outlaws Series races that saw Bobby win his heat race but draw a “bad” starting spot, Monday night at Independence (IA) Motor Speedway he also won his heat race (for the fourth straight race), but this time he had his crew guy draw for him and he pulled the #1 starting spot for the 40-lap WoO feature. Bobby was unable to get the lead at the start, but once the leader reached traffic, Bobby was ready to pounce. He surged into the lead on lap 18 and stayed in control the rest of the way as he picked up his third WoO win of the season and 21st of his career. “From the start, I was a little worried,” Bobby said. “I knew Nick (Hoffman) and Brandon (Sheppard) were soft. When Chad (Simpson) fell out of the race, that gave Nick the front row and I was like, ‘Man, he’s probably gonna get me on the soft tires’ if I can just hang with him, you know? And we did. We got him in lapped traffic. The car was great.” Bobby debuted a new Longhorn Chassis tonight named “Mud Bug”, and it was fast out of the box.

eldora jun8Bobby improved upon his third-place finish last year by securing second place in the Dream at Eldora (OH) Speedway on Saturday night. Starting ninth in the 100-lap race, he methodically worked his way through the field. By the halfway point, he was inside the top five. With two laps to go, he made the pass for second, earning a $30,000 payday. “So proud of my team for the way we rebounded after Thursday night’s misfortune,” Bobby said. “Big thanks to my family, crew, sponsors, and fans for all the support.”

sponsor churchillBobby Pierce Racing is excited to announce that Churchill Transportation has joined our team as a full-time sponsor! Churchill Transportation, founded by Jerry Churchill in Detroit, has been a cornerstone of the transportation industry for over 41 years. Jerry, a proud Detroiter, made sure his roots were visible far and wide by emblazoning "Churchill from Detroit" on over 400 trailers that travel the highways daily. Specializing in truckload transportation and expedited truckload transportation, Churchill Transportation’s impressive fleet includes 110 over-the-road satellite-tracked trucks and 400 satellite-tracked 53' air ride van trailers, ensuring your freight arrives safely and on time. For more information about Churchill Transportation, please visit their website.

ultimate may24Starting on the pole, Bobby led from start to finish Friday night in the 25-lap prelim of the two-night World of Outlaws Series Memorial Day weekend special at Ultimate (NC) Motorsports Park. “I was a little bit more up on the wheel,” Bobby said. “I really liked the track. It got really dusty, but I loved the shape of the track and everything. I had never seen the place before, but I felt good heading into it because a lot of people told me that it would fit my style and it definitely did. You’re always a little nervous with these new places, but we got a lot of new on the schedule that I haven’t been to before this year. You got to try your best to adapt and hit the setup the first time.” Bobby set a new track record in qualifying. “Getting that quick time was really key to the success tonight,” Bobby said. “It was nice to start on the pole.”

pathvalley may19 1Bobby rebounded from a rough four-race stretch Sunday night as he scored the $10,000 World of Outlaws Series win at Path Valley (PA) Speedway. He started eighth in the 40-lap race and took the lead on lap 27. “New track for me, and it was awesome,” Bobby said. “Everything about it was very cool. Track layout, seating, landscape, and scenery were all unique. Wanted to win this one for my team. They never give up and just keep digging. Huge shoutout to all of my supporters.” The victory was Bobby’s 20th career WoO win and second this season.

msthunder may4It looked like Bobby was on his way to his second World of Outlaws Series win of the season Saturday night in the finale of the Dairyland Showdown at Mississippi Thunder (WI) Speedway. However, with four laps to go, he got held up behind slower traffic, which allowed the second-place car to get by Bobby. He was unable to get back to the front and had to settle for third. He started third in the 50-lap race and took the lead on lap 26. “Thought we had the win,” Bobby said. “Zigged when I should've zagged. Still a good run for our team. Huge shoutout to my family, crew, sponsors, and fans for all the support.” Bobby also raced a Modified as he prepares for the $100K to win show later this month. He started seventh in the 40-lap race and moved up to third at the finish. “Made a lot of gains from yesterday,” Bobby said. “Big thanks to Jimmy Mars for the opportunity.”

msthunder may3Bobby moved up from this eighth starting spot to finish second in the 50-lap World of Outlaws sanctioned Dairyland Showdown opener Friday night at Mississippi Thunder (WI) Speedway. “This track moves around a lot,” Bobby said. “In the beginning stages, everyone was running the middle to bottom, and then once the top got clean enough, everyone jumped up there. But, with the new dirt, it had some spots that were flatter than it used to be, so it made it tough to enter the corner and get a good run on the top side because it felt like as flat as can be. I know I was hurting my tires in the charge to the front. Once I got to second (place), I knew I didn’t have much left. I’m pretty happy with second.”

abby boyfriend shirtWe're excited to introduce our latest shirt, a highly requested item from our TikTok community! Proceeds from the sale of this shirt will support EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) research and awareness during EDS Awareness Month of May, a cause close to Bobby’s girlfriend, Abby’s heart.

EDS is a genetic disorder that affects the body's connective tissues, leading to a range of symptoms including joint hypermobility, easy bruising of the skin, chronic pain, and digestive issues, among others. It's a rare disorder that isn't widely understood by the public, yet individuals diagnosed with EDS often encounter significant daily challenges. By backing EDS research and awareness efforts, we aim to shed light on this disorder and strive towards the development of improved treatments and support systems for those affected. Purchase one now for yourself, your sister, girlfriend, or anyone else interested, and join us in supporting EDS research and awareness!

raffle olde tyme ice creamBPR is excited to announce that Olde Tyme Ice Cream is the winner of the sponsor raffle, and their logo will be on the door of Bobby’s car throughout the month of May! Olde Tyme Ice Cream is a homemade specialty ice cream shop based in Le Roy, IL. Be on the lookout for Olde Tyme Ice Cream's mobile trailer packed with their handcrafted frozen treats, making its way to an event near you! Thanks to everyone for entering May’s sponsor raffle!

farmercity apr13Taking the lead on lap 13, Bobby pulled away to a commanding 8.8 second advantage at the checkers as he collected his second career Illini 100 trophy and $20,000 top prize Saturday night at Farmer City (IL) Raceway. He started fourth in the 60-lap World of Outlaws Series race. Once he took the top spot, he was flawless navigating through heavy traffic as he lapped up to ninth place in a race that went caution-free after the fourth circuit. “I made a last-second call on the tires,” Bobby said. “My dad was like ‘Are you sure?’ and I said yes because the Midgets slicked up the track. It just worked out for us, I loved to see the race go caution-free the rest of the way once we got going. That really helped us out there.” Farmer City has been a track that Bobby has had much success throughout his career, including picking up his first-career Crate Late Model victory in 2009 at the age of 12. “Growing up here, watching races as a young kid and I remember watching Late Models around here and thinking ‘Man, these guys are crazy for running the cushion like that,’” Bobby said. “So, it’s pretty cool to get another win here.”

farmercity apr12Bobby fell just short at the finish (0.072 seconds) in the opener of the Illini 100 Friday night at Farmer City (IL) Raceway. He started sixth in the 40-lap World of Outlaws Series race and was on the move early. Running third on lap six, Bobby was pushed off the track and fell back to sixth, again. He refused to be deterred as he mounted a stirring comeback. He was running second on the final lap when the leader bobbled in the final corner giving Bobby the chance that he was looking for. “When he bobbled and got up on the cushion and got stuck up on it, I saw it out of the corner of my eye, so I gassed it and got ahead of him,” Bobby said. “I expected him to come down and get me on the front. I don’t know how he made it work. I thought I won because I couldn’t see him because he was so far off the track. The car was really good. Farmer City is always really challenging, always up on the wheel and it’s an Illinois bullring for sure. You got to be up on the wheel the whole race, a big ole cushion in turns three and four.”

maquoketa mar29Taking the lead on lap 17, Bobby pulled away to an over five-second lead at one point as he cruised to a $10,000 win in the opener of the Nippy 50 Friday night at Maquoketa (IA) Speedway. “The track was great,” Bobby said. “It was a tough challenge to get to the front there. I feel like the car was a lot better in the feature than it was in the heat race. Overall, a great night for my team! Shoutout to Hoker Promotions LLC for putting this event on. Big thanks to all of my family, crew, sponsors, and fans for always sticking with me.”

brownstown mar23Bobby fell just short of the win Saturday night at Brownstown (IN) Speedway in the annual Indiana Icebreaker. Starting fifth in the 50-lap Lucas Oil Series race, he took the lead for the first time on lap 16, staying out front for five laps. An entertaining back-and-forth battle ensued between Bobby and Moran until Bobby regained the point on lap 23. He looked to get away from the field as he navigated his way through heavy traffic but lost the lead on lap 37. Bobby didn’t give up, however, as he tried several different racing lines as he tried to regain the lead but would have to settle for a runner-up finish on this night. “That was an awesome race tonight,” Bobby said. “I didn’t really expect the track to be that good. I didn’t expect him [Moran] to roll the top like he did. It was a fun race and we’re glad to finish second tonight.”

boothill mar9Bobby led the final five laps Saturday night at Boothill (LA) Speedway to secure the $10,000 Adams Memorial Comp Cams Series victory. “I hated to see that for Dillard,” Bobby said. “It was going to be a pretty good battle. I feel like both of us were kind of slowing down a little bit. Our tires were going away, and with the battle in lapped traffic, it was getting really interesting. I’m excited to get a win in my first start in the state of Louisiana. The track was really cool.”

collin brothers towingBobby Pierce Racing is excited to announce Collins Brothers Towing as their newest sponsor for the 2024 season. As the nation's largest independently owned towing company with over 450 pieces of equipment, Collins Brothers Towing shares Bobby Pierce Racing's passion for dirt track racing. With 18 locations across Minnesota, Iowa, and Fargo, ND, their sponsorship underscores their commitment to grassroots motorsports and community support.

volusia champWith the cancellation of the finale on Saturday, Bobby has been crowned the DIRTcar Nationals points champion! He scored two wins in the week-long (five-race) event along with a pair of third-place finishes. "I'm fortunate to be crowned the Big Gator champion and to leave Florida with the World of Outlaws Late Model Series points lead," Bobby said. He collected $3,000 for winning the points title.

volusia feb12Bobby led the final 13 laps to claim the $7,000 DIRTcar Nationals win in Wednesday night’s makeup from Monday’s rainout at Volusia (FL) Speedway Park. “That was an exciting race,” Bobby said. “Lots of stuff going on there. I feel like everything happened pretty quick. Like, I caught Marlar and Ricky (Thornton) wasn’t too far ahead at that time but then he started to pull away and next thing I know, Ricky got all crossed up. I went under him and then I jumped the cushion and then here comes Marlar and we went three-wide. I saw how they were going into the corner and I thought ‘This isn’t good,’ so I backed off, used the bottom, and next thing I know, they washed up the track. Luckily, I got the lead and tried not to make any mistakes because it was slick as ice out there. It was super hard to drive, especially on a half-mile track. Even when I had the lead comfortably, I still had to make sure to not make a mistake in the corners.”

volusia feb14Bobby led all 20 laps from the pole to grab his second gator of his career Wednesday night in the caution-filled DIRTcar Nationals race at Volusia (FL) Speedway Park. He jumped out to a commanding lead from the start as he pulled away to a half a straightaway advantage after two laps. He didn’t let the many cautions hinder him as he cruised to the $5,000 victory. “It feels like a rebound pretty good there,” Bobby said after mechanical trouble sidelined him while leading on Tuesday. “We’ve had a bad fast race car this whole time. It’s awesome to finally put it in victory lane where it belongs. I can’t thank my crew enough; they’ve been working hard.”

waikaraka jan27Bobby led all 25 laps from the pole to score the Super Saloon win Saturday at Waikaraka (NZ) Speedway. He jumped out to a straightaway lead early before having to slice his way through heavy lapped traffic late to take the victory. “Thanks to Harding Motorsport for the opportunity,” Bobby said.

vado jan13Taking the lead on the second lap, Bobby cruised to his fourth straight $11,000 Wild West Shootout win Saturday night at Vado (NM) Speedway Park. With the victory, he has earned the $25,000 bonus for winning four miniseries races. “With the full track prep, we didn’t know what it was gonna do there,” Bobby said. “Had a lot of different mixtures of tires of guys running up front with different (compounds). It feels awesome (to bank the bonus money). No one has ever won more than three — I’ve done it before — and we knew this would be the year with how consistent we were last year and coming into this being fast right out of the gate with this new car."

vado jan12Bobby shot to the lead on lap five and stayed out front the rest of the 30-lap distance to capture his third straight Wild West Shootout win Friday night at Vado (NM) Speedway Park. It wasn’t easy, however, as he had to overcome a race-long vibration caused by his right-rear tire being packed with mud early in the race. “I’ll be honest, we got super, super lucky there," Bobby said. "(It happened) on like lap four and you saw me drop to the bottom, because I almost was gonna pull in the infield or bring out a caution. I figured that if I pull in now, that’s 25 laps that I have to get back to the front, because I figured no way I’d be able to hang on to even a top five (with the problem). It’s just one of them deals man — I stayed out and I guess we kinda got lucky that those guys chose a harder tire.” With his third miniseries victory, Bobby is closing in on a bonus awarded to a driver with four wins ($25,000) or five wins ($100,000) with two races left.

vado jan10Bobby picked up his second consecutive and tenth career Wild West Shootout victory Wednesday night at Vado (NM) Speedway Park. He led the opening lap from his outside front row starting position before the track started to become bottom-dominant. “I didn’t expect the track to do that,” Bobby said. “I thought the top would’ve been there too … it’s just one of them deals where I guess it got so crumby and no one was up there to blow it off.” He briefly lost the top spot before regaining it back on lap four. Bobby stayed out front until lap 20 when he slid high trying to navigate his way around lapped traffic and lost the lead. He regained command a lap later and stayed in control the rest of the 30-lap distance. “The lapped traffic was crazy,” Bobby said. “They’re holding their lines; they’re doing what they can … it’s just a tricky situation with the racetrack. That’s the only line to choose from.”

vado jan7Bobby slid into the lead on lap 37 and stayed out front the rest of the way to claim the $11,000 Wild West Shootout win Sunday night at Vado (NM) Speedway Park. Starting on the pole of the 40-lap race, he fell back to fourth early before rallying for his first victory of the season. “That was an awesome race,” Bobby said. “I knew it had to be that time (to complete the slide-job pass on Marlar). I knew Mikey was probably gonna come down, but I had to stick my nose in there and go for it. I figured it was only a matter of time before he probably moved up in turn one, and if he would’ve moved up, he probably would’ve gotten me so I had to go for it. We have a lot of sponsors here, and it’s cool to be in victory lane with them.”

lvs logoBobby Pierce Racing is excited to announce its primary sponsor for 2024! We want to welcome Low Voltage Solutions, Inc. to the team! What is LVS? Just like us at BPR & many other family-owned small businesses, Low Voltage Solutions started in a garage. In 1997, founders Gary St. Cin and the late John Fassett set out to build a diverse low voltage services company with an emphasis on hiring the most experienced, motivated, and talented personalities. The next 20+ years were spent growing a team of highly respected project management staff, integrators, engineers, and installation crews capable of handling the day-to-day adds, moves, and changes to some of the largest projects in the Chicagoland area!

Their mission is to deliver the most comprehensive structured cabling such as fiber-optic cables, fire alarm, security, and audio-visual systems for customers in a broad range of industry sectors. LVS is the place where some of Chicago’s top information technology talent call home. With twenty project management, operations, and sales support staff in the office and sixty-five plus union electricians in the field, their team has incubated a niche, one-stop-shop for low voltage systems.

“It was a privilege to meet Gary, the president of the company, at the Dome in St. Louis,” Bobby said. “Just like us, Gary has racing deep in his roots and continues that passion with helping out a fellow racer. They’re a family-oriented company just like us, so it’s a great fit! We quickly got the ball rolling and here we are now, ready to tackle the 2024 season!

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