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gateway dec1Bobby started on the pole and led all 25 laps as he cruised to an opening night victory in the Gateway Dirt Nationals Thursday night at The Dome at America's Center (MO). With the win, he completed a sweep of the evening following his heat race win and fast time honors. “So very cool and unique to win here in the dome,” Bobby said. “Awesome to get the W and be locked in for Saturday! Big thanks to all the guys helping out on the car and everyone that is helping sell apparel. It takes a unit to do this deal and I couldn't do it without all of you.”

vegas nov12Bobby led from start to finish Saturday night in the finale of the Duel in the Desert at Las Vegas. He cashed in on a $40,000 payday with his 20th win of the season and second consecutive Duel main event victory following up his $50,000 triumph in 2021. “I love this place,” Bobby said. “I didn’t expect the top to be that fast. But, man, luckily everything held on. This car was awesome. Just hats off to my whole crew. We got ‘er done. Awesome night.”

florence oct22Taking the lead on lap 28, Bobby led the final 22 laps to score the $10,000 Fall 50 win Saturday night at Florence (KY) Speedway. "Big thanks to everyone involved with my team," Bobby said. "I couldn't do it without all my partners."

fairbury oct8It's been quite the year for Bobby at the Fairbury (IL) Speedway. He turned around his past misfortune at "FALS" in a big way this season as he picked up his fourth victory (in six races paying $10K or more) at the track on Saturday night. He took the lead on lap 28 and led the rest of the 50-lapper to add $15,000 to his impressive season earnings at Fairbury. He has now banked over $77,000 in race winnings at the track this year. “This place has been so great to me this year. If we could only have this success at the Prairie Dirt Classic, we’d be golden,” Bobby said. “We’re really happy. The drive was worth it all the way back from North Carolina. Just a huge thank you to Fairbury again. … It was a great night.”

atomic sep28Taking the lead on lap 18, Bobby held off (Devin) Moran late to collect his second consecutive FloRacing Night in America victory Wednesday night at Atomic (OH) Speedway. “I think I've only been here five or six times, so I don't have a good handle on the track,” Bobby said. “We'll take it. This car has been great. Really good to finish a race you know it just has some issues. It's just an awesome night all around. I'm ecstatic. It's a big race. These Flo races pay good money. There's a lot of people watching at their home so just a huge thank you to (FloRacing) and Atomic and all these fans for coming out and all the fans for watching. It was an awesome night.”

knoxville sep16What a difference a day makes. After missing the show on Thursday night, Bobby took the lead on the 15th lap Friday night and went on to capture the Lucas Knoxville Nationals prelim at Knoxville (IA) Raceway. "That caution came out and thought I had it under control, but the motor — the carburetor — kind of stumbled off of (turn) four and I thought something bad happened," Bobby said. "It luckily got going again. I was kind of mad after that, so I shot in there under Brandon (Overton) and just hoped for the best. It stuck and I passed him. Shoutout to my team for not giving up. We kept digging after our misfortune last night. Big thanks to my family, crew, sponsors, and all the fans."

fairbury sep13Bobby picked up his third big-money win this season at Fairbury (IL) Speedway as he scored the $22,022 FloRacing Night in America victory Tuesday night. Starting from the outside pole, he traded the lead back and forth with (Dennis) Erb for the first 12 laps of the 50-lap race as he ran his patented high line. On lap 13, he took the top spot for good and then uncharacteristically dived to the bottom of the 1/4 mile. “I knew that bottom had more traction in it tonight than it has had in the past few races so I knew it was gonna be good," Bobby said. "I had the perfect opportunity (to overtake Erb on lap 13) with the lapped car to set him up for a pick because he was running down low, and once I got around him, I got right to the bottom and protected for a while.” He stayed on the hub until lap 48 when he moved back up to fight off the high-side running Heckenast who was closing in fast. “I moved up because I felt it was better,” Bobby said. "Towards the end I was way more comfortable on the top. It was a really fun race there. Really, the whole race was a lot of fun. It wasn’t typical Fairbury with me banging the boards the whole time so it was a lot more relaxing race. Awesome night, greatly prepped racetrack. It was so smooth, had two characteristics of a top and a bottom, and that’s really everything you could have asked for. I feel like we could’ve started in the back tonight and moved forward. Hat’s off to Fairbury.” At a track where Bobby has historically been snakebitten, this season has marked a turnaround as he has banked over $62,000 in race winnings at Fairbury.

eldora sep9Bouncing back from being caught up in a wreck that destroyed his primary car on Wednesday, Bobby parked his backup car in victory lane Friday night in a World 100 preliminary race. He was the fastest overall qualifier of the 107 cars on hand. He earned the second highest number of points from Thursday and Friday. With an invert of six, he started sixth in his heat race Saturday night. He moved up to grab the third and final transfer spot. He rolled off 14th in the 100-lap finale. He was 10th by lap 25 and worked his way up to eighth by lap 75 and sixth at the finish.

fairbury sep3Building up a lead of over seven seconds, Bobby cruised to the $10,000 MARS FALS Super Nationals win Saturday night at Fairbury (IL) Speedway. “Finally good to get the win after four straight second place finishes," Bobby said. “The track was really slick. It was tricky, felt a lot like Macon. Macon gets that thick cushion right up on the wall and that's the only place that I'm really ever good at.”

davenport aug27For the third consecutive night, Bobby fell one spot short of the top prize in the World of Outlaws three-day Quad Cities 150 at Davenport (IA) Speedway. He started ninth in the 70-lap finale but fell back outside the top ten in the early stages. With around 20 laps to go, he made his move to the front. Running the very top of the wall-less 1/4 mile, he was side-by-side with the leader on the final lap but was unable to edge ahead. "I was almost falling off the corner on every single corner," Bobby said. “The cushion was very, very thin and there was a little left in Turn 3 but not enough out of 4. This place provides such good racing all the time. It was a little more dirty tonight than I preferred, but it eventually got there. It just took a long, long time to get there. The last five laps, I was trying all I could because I knew Tanner (English) was so good on the bottom that it was going to be hard to beat him without being ahead of him on the restart. We did all we could to beat him, but we needed that position on him. Hard to pass a guy that good 2-3 times in a night.” The race ran caution-free until lap 60. After that, repeated cautions didn't go Bobby's way and some of his passes were erased by the yellows.

fairbury jul30It was an eventful Prairie Dirt Classic for Bobby which ended in heartbreak once again. In qualifying on Friday, he had an issue with the rack and pinion which resulted in a lap that was 38th quickest out of the 40 cars in his qualifying group. He was able to rally from his 19th starting spot in his 25-lap preliminary race to grab the fourth and final transfer spot in Saturday night's finale. He started 16th in the 100-lap PDC and quickly started his march to the front. By lap 44, he was in the runner-up position and started hounding the leader. He was unable to get the top spot as the top two navigated through lapped traffic. Bad luck again would strike Bobby in this event as his brakes started to fail around lap 73, and he dropped out of the race on lap 80.

“I don’t know if me driving hard trying to make something happen there with him (Sheppard) is what caused it,” Bobby said. “The track was very choppy. At least it didn’t rubber, but I think we’re all surprised that it got rough like that (around the top). It was a battle of attrition. To run (the cushion) right, you had to run it hard to really get around the corner or else you’d shove or bounce kind of weird. You had to kind of keep the wheels spinning, and of course that’s hard on everything. I guess with that mud getting up in there, there’s nothing we could’ve done. It’s just one of those things. I guess we’ll have to figure out how to make it not happen.” Another year, another disappointing PDC for Bobby as he is now 0-9 in Illinois's biggest race. “It sucks, but it is what it is,” Bobby said. “Sometimes it’s your time, sometimes it’s not. I’m sure along the line sometime, as long as we stay consistent, we’re gonna get (the PDC) one of these times. Someday it will be our turn.”

i80 jul24Bobby charged through the field from his 20th starting position to grab a podium spot in third on Thursday night in a standalone preliminary race leading up to the Silver Dollar Nationals at I-80 (NE) Speedway. "Had a really good car," Bobby said. "Awesome racing with Mikey (Marlar) and B Shepp. Wish we could've started a little further up front. Big thanks to all my family, crew, sponsors and fans." Bobby started third in the 80-lap Silver Dollar Nationals finale on Sunday night. He moved up to second and continued to run there until lap 46. He fell back to sixth after a lap 48 restart. "Had a good run going until the right rear wheel cover broke and got packed with mud causing a bad vibration," Bobby said. "I was hanging on after that." He lost a spot at the end to finish seventh. "Overall a solid weekend for our team. Thanks to everyone that supports my team! Big thanks to the entire Kosiski family and staff. If this is it for the track, I'm really going to miss it."

shadyhill jul14Bobby led wire-to-wire from the pole en route to his seventh DIRTcar Summer Nationals win Thursday night at Shadyhill (IN) Speedway. "I got on the top side there early on and it was pretty fun for a few laps, but I knew it was a matter of time for it started to move down," Bobby said. "Really, the car was great and I think we're probably the best car, but we got lucky with the draw and it helped out that that first (attempted) start didn't go, because (Chad Finley) had got me on the outside and I was probably gonna have to race him there for a while if I was going to try to pass him. So I got that second start going and I made sure to get to the top as soon as I could and got it done."

montpelier jul13Bobby led the final 13 laps Wednesday night at Montpelier (IN) Speedway as he earned his sixth DIRTcar Summer Nationals victory. Starting fifth in the 40-lap race, Bobby moved up to third in the first 20 laps. He dove to the bottom as the leaders reached lapped traffic and made the winning pass. “The bottom was really good, it really surprised me,” Bobby said. “It's a really good racetrack. I know it was a lot of fun. Big thanks to my crew for all the hard work after the long drive from Iowa to Indiana.”

stuart jul11Taking a break from the Summer Nationals for a couple of days, Bobby traveled to Stuart (IA) Speedway for a pair of XR Super Series races. On Monday night, he charged from deep in the field (22nd) to finish eight. He started closer to the front on Tuesday night as he rolled off from the outside of the front row in the 50-lap finale. On the 15th lap, Bobby made a spectacular move to take the lead as he dove underneath Owens and Madden down the backstretch. “I didn't know if it was going to work, but I figured I had to go for it, because by the time I turned, Chris had filled the gap and I had to make something happen," Bobby said. “It was awesome right there, but I wish we could have hung on to it.” The track started taking rubber around the halfway mark, and unfortunately, Madden found the rubber first as he passed Bobby on lap 27. With all the front runners settling into the bottom of the track over the last 20 laps, Bobby was unable to mount another challenge for the lead. “I just needed to move down you know? I missed the signal there. It happens,” Bobby said. “From yesterday to today, the car was really good. I mean, we were good yesterday, too. I finally found some at the end, but we finally started up front tonight, which is what we wanted. We’re happy with second place.”

tristate jul10Bobby came out on top of a slide job battle for the lead as he captured his fifth DIRTcar Summer Nationals win Sunday night at Tri-State (IN) Speedway. He started on the pole of the 40-lap feature but was unable to grab the lead until lap 14 when he slid in front of the leader. “It was kinda like last night, I really had to get up on the wheel if I was going to catch and pass [Freeman],” Bobby said. “He was doing good, and then we got in lapped traffic and we were getting through there well. I had a really good restart, and he just made that one bobble there when I had a good run off of Turn 4 that allowed me to slide him in 1. We could’ve done that the whole race, it was a lot of fun.”

paducah jul1Bobby led from start to finish and cruised to his fourth DIRTcar Summer Nationals victory Friday night at Paducah (KY) Raceway. He started second in the 30-lap race and had an over five-second cushion at the finish. “I’ve always really liked this racetrack when I was younger; I just haven’t been able to come here in years,” Bobby said. “This was one I wanted to win pretty badly, probably more than any other on the tour, just because this place is so unique. Really, there’s nowhere like it. It definitely helped out that I was here in the past. The first time I came here was in my Crate Late Model, and I was 12 or 13, I think. That’s pretty young for how big this place is. I remember going down the straightaways and having all day to think about my corner entrance because it felt like it took five days to get there with how long the straightaways are.”

adamsco jun22Taking the lead on the 13th lap, Bobby picked up his third tour win Wednesday night at Adams County (IL) Speedway. “I started fifth on the bottom, and realized I had to move up and get going on top,” Bobby said. “I did and I was rolling, and I passed a car or two, and then I was the first one to go back down and find that really low line in Turns 1-2. When I found it, in a couple laps it seemed like I was in the lead. It changed that quick.”

Bobby put on a show for the Fairbury fans Saturday night as he charged from his 22nd starting position to grab a runner-up finish in the 50-lap DIRTcar Summer Nationals feature. Battling electrical issues throughout the night, he had to take a points provisional to race in the main event. He was on the hunt for the front from the start as he jumped to the top of the track and moved up to 13th when the first caution came out on the ninth lap. By lap 23, he was running fifth and looking for more. With nine laps to go, Bobby had made it up to second. The track started taking rubber late, and he was unable to advance one more position to complete the comeback. It was another great run at Fairbury this season for Bobby as he hopes to continue the momentum into next month's Prairie Dirt Classic and finally capture his first PDC win.

tricity jun17Bobby rebounded from breaking (while leading) the night before as he scored the $10,000 DIRTcar Summer Nationals victory Friday night at Tri-City (IL) Speedway. He started third in the 40-lap race and took the lead on the 27th lap. He pulled out to an over three-second advantage at the checkers. “I actually hit one of the tires shortly before I passed [Erb],” Bobby said. “I hit it coming out of turn four pretty good. I got [it with] the left-front tire and the wheel jumped out of my hand for a second. At that point, Dennis was somewhat leaving the door open, and I’d found a little bit of a line under there that the car wasn’t bouncing so bad. I was able to just get enough momentum and I got around him. The cushion was the place to be, but you had to run it so weird, and it was so treacherous up there that it was hard to run. I started running that bottom and I think I kinda sucked Erb down. Once he started running the bottom and was mixing it up, we were having a hell of a race.”

peoria jun15Bobby surged into the lead with a daring move on the 11th lap and led the rest of the 40-lap distance to earn his 41st career DIRTcar Summer Nationals win (third all-time) Wednesday night at Peoria (IL) Speedway. He lapped all but seven competitors. “I wasn’t really going for a slider,” Bobby said. “I was kind of going for a pick with a lapped car. I’d say just (during the) Summer Nationals. You know, the lappers are what kind of makes it interesting sometimes. There’s so many you’ve just gotta (maneuver) through them the best you can and not make contact and go on. So, it’s fun racing. You’ve gotta do some crazy moves, that’s for sure. It makes it interesting.”

tricity jun3Bobby broke out of his recent bad luck streak Friday night as he led from start to finish and picked up the $10,000 World of Outlaws victory at Tri-City (IL) Speedway. He started on the pole of the 40-lap race. “I noticed [the track] wasn’t all that tacky,” Bobby said. “I was glad that I drew the pole and had a good start and had really good restarts. It was the perfect night for us. We needed it after all the bad luck we’ve been having and how hard the crew worked the past few days.”

fairbury may14In a race that was reminiscent of Bobby's heartbreaking loss at the 2019 Prairie Dirt Classic, this time Bobby came out on the winning end of a last-lap battle with Sheppard and cashed in on a $30,000 payday Saturday night at the Fairbury (IL) Speedway. "This time, he left me a little room," Bobby said. "So, thanks to him for doing that. It's just awesome man." Bobby swept the night as he was the fastest qualifier of the 50 cars on hand, won his heat race, and led all 60 laps of the MARS sanctioned feature. Hopefully, he can follow up tonight's success and finally win his first PDC at the 32nd edition in July.

msthunder may6Bobby moved up from his fifth starting position to claim the runner-up spot Friday night in the second and final Dairyland Showdown prelim feature at Mississippi Thunder (WI) Speedway. He continues to qualify well, as he was the overall fast qualifier. “We were kind of sitting around there in fifth and saw we were already at halfway, and I was like, man, we have to start making something happen,” Bobby said. “[Davenport], me and him were battling, and he kind of started to take off, and then shortly after I started to pass them guys, too. Luckily, we were able to get to second at the very end. We needed a caution before we could see if we had anything for JD.”

msthunder may5Bobby started on the pole and led all 40 laps Thursday night in the opener of the Dairyland Showdown at Mississippi Thunder (WI) Speedway. He drove away from the rest of the field at the start and remained unchallenged until a lap 21 restart. He held on through one more restart, moving his line to the bottom of the track, as he pulled away for his third career World of Outlaws victory. "The car was pretty maneuverable to be able to run [the bottom], middle, and top,” Bobby said. "We kind of just chased the track around, it was kind of ever-changing, and at the very end, the top felt good again. It was a good track and a picture-perfect day."

brownstown apr27Bobby rebounded from an 11th place finish the night before to grab a runner-up spot Wednesday night at Brownstown (IN) Speedway. He started fifth in the 50-lap FloRacing event and moved up to second early. With the rough track conditions on Tuesday, he unloaded a new car at Brownstown that had only two races on it. "It was really good from the start," Bobby said. "We got a good qualifying run tonight and that’s what kind of got the night rolling for us. We have had qualifying issues recently, so just putting a whole night together like we did tonight, that’s what we have to do every single night."

81 apr8Grabbing the lead on the opening lap, Bobby stayed out front the entire 30 lap distance en route to a $5,000 MLRA victory Friday night at 81 (KS) Speedway. He pulled away to a five-second advantage at the finish. "I really love it when a track is like that, it makes it challenging and really makes the restarts pretty hard," Bobby said, as he described running a different line at both ends of the track. "All in all, it was a great race track tonight. I felt like it was very racy, and I felt like I could have come from the back. As a racer, that’s all you can ask for."

i55 apr2After the Illini 100 was canceled earlier in the weekend, Bobby and his team made a last-minute decision to head south to Pevely on Saturday. Due to passing points, he started ninth in his heat race and moved up to third. Starting third in the feature, Bobby made the winning pass with five laps to go to pick up his first win of the season. "It was exciting to have some awesome new sponsors on the car in victory lane like Toyota of Danville, A-Plus Vacuum, and the Vermilion County Bobcats," Bobby said. "The owner of the Bobcats was there watching along with a couple of the hockey players. I couldn't do it without my long-term and new sponsors so shout out to them for all that they continue to do for me! Can't thank my crew, family, and fans enough."

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