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Bobby debuted a new "Talladega Nights" themed car during the Eldora Million/Dream weekend. Many new items have been added to the store to commemorate the scheme including a "Spider Monkey" t-shirt, "Me" t-shirt/hoodie, diecast, kids tie dye t-shirt/hoodie, cutout sign, pull back car, mini door, and decal.

Other recent additions include: "Rippin' It" dri-fit t-shirt/hoodie, "Predator" t-shirt, trucker hats, US Pierce Platinum t-shirt/hoodie, "Crew" t-shirt/hoodie, and hair bow. Visit the online store to order yours today! (PayPal account not required, credit cards accepted.)

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Posse Party on Saturday night. It was a huge success with a packed house! Special thanks to the following sponsors that made the trip: Jeff, Penny, and Michael Hoker, Brian and Cindy Carnaghi, Budda, Ted and Pam Brown, and Cowboy Bob. Thanks to Larry and Jen Henk for being top bidder on the fire pit at almost $8,000! Also, a shout-out to everyone who helped out, including Lynn and the Steffes Group for auctioning at the party, thank you.

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