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Bobby Pierce Racing Welcomes Low Voltage Solutions as Primary Sponsor for 2024!

lvs logoBobby Pierce Racing is excited to announce its primary sponsor for 2024! We want to welcome Low Voltage Solutions, Inc. to the team! What is LVS? Just like us at BPR & many other family-owned small businesses, Low Voltage Solutions started in a garage. In 1997, founders Gary St. Cin and the late John Fassett set out to build a diverse low voltage services company with an emphasis on hiring the most experienced, motivated, and talented personalities. The next 20+ years were spent growing a team of highly respected project management staff, integrators, engineers, and installation crews capable of handling the day-to-day adds, moves, and changes to some of the largest projects in the Chicagoland area!

Their mission is to deliver the most comprehensive structured cabling such as fiber-optic cables, fire alarm, security, and audio-visual systems for customers in a broad range of industry sectors. LVS is the place where some of Chicago’s top information technology talent call home. With twenty project management, operations, and sales support staff in the office and sixty-five plus union electricians in the field, their team has incubated a niche, one-stop-shop for low voltage systems.

“It was a privilege to meet Gary, the president of the company, at the Dome in St. Louis,” Bobby said. “Just like us, Gary has racing deep in his roots and continues that passion with helping out a fellow racer. They’re a family-oriented company just like us, so it’s a great fit! We quickly got the ball rolling and here we are now, ready to tackle the 2024 season!

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