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Bobby Picks Up Second Consecutive DIRTcar Nationals Win at Volusia!

volusia feb12Bobby led the final 13 laps to claim the $7,000 DIRTcar Nationals win in Wednesday night’s makeup from Monday’s rainout at Volusia (FL) Speedway Park. “That was an exciting race,” Bobby said. “Lots of stuff going on there. I feel like everything happened pretty quick. Like, I caught Marlar and Ricky (Thornton) wasn’t too far ahead at that time but then he started to pull away and next thing I know, Ricky got all crossed up. I went under him and then I jumped the cushion and then here comes Marlar and we went three-wide. I saw how they were going into the corner and I thought ‘This isn’t good,’ so I backed off, used the bottom, and next thing I know, they washed up the track. Luckily, I got the lead and tried not to make any mistakes because it was slick as ice out there. It was super hard to drive, especially on a half-mile track. Even when I had the lead comfortably, I still had to make sure to not make a mistake in the corners.”

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