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Bobby Loses Lead Late in Traffic, Settles for Third in Dairyland Showdown Finale at Mississippi Thunder

msthunder may4It looked like Bobby was on his way to his second World of Outlaws Series win of the season Saturday night in the finale of the Dairyland Showdown at Mississippi Thunder (WI) Speedway. However, with four laps to go, he got held up behind slower traffic, which allowed the second-place car to get by Bobby. He was unable to get back to the front and had to settle for third. He started third in the 50-lap race and took the lead on lap 26. “Thought we had the win,” Bobby said. “Zigged when I should've zagged. Still a good run for our team. Huge shoutout to my family, crew, sponsors, and fans for all the support.” Bobby also raced a Modified as he prepares for the $100K to win show later this month. He started seventh in the 40-lap race and moved up to third at the finish. “Made a lot of gains from yesterday,” Bobby said. “Big thanks to Jimmy Mars for the opportunity.”

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