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Bobby Bounces Back With $15,000 XR Superior Showcase Win at Proctor!

proctor jul1After not finishing the last two races due to mechanical trouble, Bobby bounced back in a big way on Monday night at Proctor (MN) Speedway. Taking the lead on lap 22, he stayed out front for the rest of the 40-lap distance to score the $15,000 XR Super Series win. "It feels awesome ... to have the last two days we had, that's the worst thing you can have in racing is to break a big powerplant," Bobby said. "It gets expensive, and we have some races to win back to make up for that stuff. Thanks to everyone out there who sent us the good mojo! Definitely needed it. The car was excellent again tonight. Awesome little track! Big thanks to my Dad and all my crew for the hard work the past several days. Even through all the bad luck and misfortune they kept digging. Shoutout to my family, sponsors, and fans for all that you guys do."

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