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Back-to-Back! Bobby Picks Up Second Consecutive $11,000 Wild West Shootout Victory at Vado!

vado jan10Bobby picked up his second consecutive and tenth career Wild West Shootout victory Wednesday night at Vado (NM) Speedway Park. He led the opening lap from his outside front row starting position before the track started to become bottom-dominant. “I didn’t expect the track to do that,” Bobby said. “I thought the top would’ve been there too … it’s just one of them deals where I guess it got so crumby and no one was up there to blow it off.” He briefly lost the top spot before regaining it back on lap four. Bobby stayed out front until lap 20 when he slid high trying to navigate his way around lapped traffic and lost the lead. He regained command a lap later and stayed in control the rest of the 30-lap distance. “The lapped traffic was crazy,” Bobby said. “They’re holding their lines; they’re doing what they can … it’s just a tricky situation with the racetrack. That’s the only line to choose from.”

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