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$10,000 WoO Storm Shield Shootout Winner at Independence!

independence jun24Unlike the previous two World of Outlaws Series races that saw Bobby win his heat race but draw a “bad” starting spot, Monday night at Independence (IA) Motor Speedway he also won his heat race (for the fourth straight race), but this time he had his crew guy draw for him and he pulled the #1 starting spot for the 40-lap WoO feature. Bobby was unable to get the lead at the start, but once the leader reached traffic, Bobby was ready to pounce. He surged into the lead on lap 18 and stayed in control the rest of the way as he picked up his third WoO win of the season and 21st of his career. “From the start, I was a little worried,” Bobby said. “I knew Nick (Hoffman) and Brandon (Sheppard) were soft. When Chad (Simpson) fell out of the race, that gave Nick the front row and I was like, ‘Man, he’s probably gonna get me on the soft tires’ if I can just hang with him, you know? And we did. We got him in lapped traffic. The car was great.” Bobby debuted a new Longhorn Chassis tonight named “Mud Bug”, and it was fast out of the box.

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