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Second in Dream Prelim at Eldora

Bobby charged from his seventh starting position to finish second in a Dream preliminary race Friday night at Eldora (OH) Speedway. “We were definitely I think the fastest car at the end there,” Bobby said. “I was trying my hardest to save my stuff. I knew Rice was making that top work and I saw how beat up his spoiler was, and I was like, man, the only way to run it might be to just tear the spoiler off it and I was trying to keep it on. But we saved our stuff till the end there. I think it was good timing and went for it. I made it really exciting there at the end. I don't think I was going to be able to clear Hudson. I backed off of it. What an awesome turn around it has been from these last two nights.” Bobby will start on the pole of heat four on Saturday night.

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