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Runner-Up in XR Elkhorn 100 at Off Road

offroad jul25Bobby took the lead on lap 64 in the 100-lap Elkhorn 100 XR Series race but was unable to hold it as he had to settle for another second-place finish, his fifth consecutive, Tuesday night at Off Road (NE) Speedway. He led until lap 81 when he got passed after a restart in a caution-filled race. “All the cautions, I think, probably killed our momentum," Bobby said. “I couldn't get going on them restarts quite like Ricky (Thornton) could. I couldn't really turn and then I couldn't take off and the longer it went, I got better. I thought we had it there when we got him in lapped traffic, but then the lapped traffic bit me.” With his second-place finish, Bobby has taken over the XR Series points lead.

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