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Runner-Up in FloRacing Night in America at Marshalltown

marshalltown may16Bobby charged from his sixth starting spot to challenge for the lead before settling for a runner-up finish in the 50-lap FloRacing Night in America race Tuesday night at Marshalltown (IA) Speedway. His best chance to take the top spot was with 23 laps to go when he slid high within inches of the leader but was unable to clear him. “Track position is huge,” Bobby said. “With these Late Models, aero is so big. He (O’Neal) didn’t make many mistakes. He stayed pretty solid up there. He was using all the cushion that was up there. It made it really hard for me. It’s hard when you follow a guy, and you’re a lot better out front in clean air when you’re by yourself when you can see the racing line. It was a challenge. All in all, a great night and we’ll take a second.”

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