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Enter for Your Chance to Win Your Business Logo or Your Name on Bobby’s Quarter Panel!

quarter panel raffle

Oakwood Tire is the official quarter panel sponsor for the month of September. As stated previously, the quarter panel drawing would pause if a full-time sponsor came forward.

Congratulations to Brandon Miller, who was randomly selected as the August quarter panel raffle winner. Look for another drawing coming for September! (Unless we find a primary sponsor.)

Have you ever wanted to see your business logo/your name on a race car? $100 will get you an opportunity for national recognition on the quarter panels of the BPR #32 Late Model!

  • One winner for the whole month of August!
  • Your choice of the business/logo/name you want sticker’d on the car. (Within consideration of name/logo.)
  • Unless we find a primary sponsor, we will keep doing these raffles each month until December. We will select a new winner each month.
  • You don’t have to reenter every month.
  • Your entry(s) will always hold their value until the end.

We will resume the raffle drawing for the month of October when it gets closer to that time.

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