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$20,000 Superior Showcase XR Winner at Gondik Law!

gondiklaw aug7Bobby scored a flag-to-flag win in the Superior Showcase XR Series race Monday night at Gondik Law (WI) Speedway. Starting outside of the front row in the 50-lap feature, he shot to the lead at the start and cruised to his 20th victory of the season. "Oh, man, it feels like I'm dreaming right now because how good we've been, but especially here tonight," Bobby said. “You know, we didn't practice great yesterday and didn't hot-lap great today, and even my qualifying lap wasn't really stellar. I don't know, we just kicked it up a gear in the heat race there. If I wouldn't have won the heat race, I don't think I could have got the job done because, you know, I was getting bad in certain times of the (feature) there. I found one last little squirt that got me away from second place and then with a few laps to go they really caught me. We (had) just enough tonight, and that's how it's been these past few races. Sometimes you gotta have a little luck."

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