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$20,000 XR Key City Clash Winner at Dubuque!

dubuque jul10 1Bobby’s hot streak continued on Monday night as he earned $20,000 in the XR Series Key City Clash at Dubuque (IA) Speedway. He started eighth in the 50-lap race but didn’t stay there long. He was in the top five by lap seven and reached second by the 19th circuit. He applied persistent pressure on the leader sliding in front on multiple occasions only to have him cross Bobby back over to keep the lead. But on lap 48, Bobby was able to finally take the top spot for good and stayed out front for the final three laps to take the win, his fifth in his last nine starts. “Had a heck of a race with Moran,” Bobby said. “Shoutout to the track crew for working the track as the night went on. It ended up being a really good show. We are happy to get the win. We made a lot of points gains tonight. This gives us really good momentum heading into the weekend.”

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