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Runner-Up in XR Fever Heat 100 at Stuart

stuart jul11Taking a break from the Summer Nationals for a couple of days, Bobby traveled to Stuart (IA) Speedway for a pair of XR Super Series races. On Monday night, he charged from deep in the field (22nd) to finish eight. He started closer to the front on Tuesday night as he rolled off from the outside of the front row in the 50-lap finale. On the 15th lap, Bobby made a spectacular move to take the lead as he dove underneath Owens and Madden down the backstretch. “I didn't know if it was going to work, but I figured I had to go for it, because by the time I turned, Chris had filled the gap and I had to make something happen," Bobby said. “It was awesome right there, but I wish we could have hung on to it.” The track started taking rubber around the halfway mark, and unfortunately, Madden found the rubber first as he passed Bobby on lap 27. With all the front runners settling into the bottom of the track over the last 20 laps, Bobby was unable to mount another challenge for the lead. “I just needed to move down you know? I missed the signal there. It happens,” Bobby said. “From yesterday to today, the car was really good. I mean, we were good yesterday, too. I finally found some at the end, but we finally started up front tonight, which is what we wanted. We’re happy with second place.”

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