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$5,000 DIRTcar Summer Nationals Winner at Tri-State!

tristate jul10Bobby came out on top of a slide job battle for the lead as he captured his fifth DIRTcar Summer Nationals win Sunday night at Tri-State (IN) Speedway. He started on the pole of the 40-lap feature but was unable to grab the lead until lap 14 when he slid in front of the leader. “It was kinda like last night, I really had to get up on the wheel if I was going to catch and pass [Freeman],” Bobby said. “He was doing good, and then we got in lapped traffic and we were getting through there well. I had a really good restart, and he just made that one bobble there when I had a good run off of Turn 4 that allowed me to slide him in 1. We could’ve done that the whole race, it was a lot of fun.”

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