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$22,022 FloRacing One for the Road Winner at Fairbury!

fairbury sep13Bobby picked up his third big-money win this season at Fairbury (IL) Speedway as he scored the $22,022 FloRacing Night in America victory Tuesday night. Starting from the outside pole, he traded the lead back and forth with (Dennis) Erb for the first 12 laps of the 50-lap race as he ran his patented high line. On lap 13, he took the top spot for good and then uncharacteristically dived to the bottom of the 1/4 mile. “I knew that bottom had more traction in it tonight than it has had in the past few races so I knew it was gonna be good," Bobby said. "I had the perfect opportunity (to overtake Erb on lap 13) with the lapped car to set him up for a pick because he was running down low, and once I got around him, I got right to the bottom and protected for a while.” He stayed on the hub until lap 48 when he moved back up to fight off the high-side running Heckenast who was closing in fast. “I moved up because I felt it was better,” Bobby said. "Towards the end I was way more comfortable on the top. It was a really fun race there. Really, the whole race was a lot of fun. It wasn’t typical Fairbury with me banging the boards the whole time so it was a lot more relaxing race. Awesome night, greatly prepped racetrack. It was so smooth, had two characteristics of a top and a bottom, and that’s really everything you could have asked for. I feel like we could’ve started in the back tonight and moved forward. Hat’s off to Fairbury.” At a track where Bobby has historically been snakebitten, this season has marked a turnaround as he has banked over $62,000 in race winnings at Fairbury.

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