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$10,000 DIRTcar Summer Nationals Winner at Paducah!

paducah jul1Bobby led from start to finish and cruised to his fourth DIRTcar Summer Nationals victory Friday night at Paducah (KY) Raceway. He started second in the 30-lap race and had an over five-second cushion at the finish. “I’ve always really liked this racetrack when I was younger; I just haven’t been able to come here in years,” Bobby said. “This was one I wanted to win pretty badly, probably more than any other on the tour, just because this place is so unique. Really, there’s nowhere like it. It definitely helped out that I was here in the past. The first time I came here was in my Crate Late Model, and I was 12 or 13, I think. That’s pretty young for how big this place is. I remember going down the straightaways and having all day to think about my corner entrance because it felt like it took five days to get there with how long the straightaways are.”

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