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Third at Wild West Shootout Sunday

arizona jan12Running as high as second, Bobby scored his first top five of the season with a third place run Sunday night in the second round of the Wild West Shootout in Arizona. Starting fourth in the 40-lap main event, he ran around the top five in the first half of the race before jumping to the top and mounting a late-race charge to grab second on lap 23. From there, it was a three-car battle for the win as they diced through the lapped traffic. “It was a heckuva race there. I thought I might have something for Brandon (Sheppard) and I knew it was a matter of time before he moved up to the top where I was running,” said Bobby. “Then I had to change my line in turn three — I think I got a little bit quicker — and then just a little bit after that the rubber came. My tires were both killed after the race. I was driving it in hard trying to try and make up the ground from being behind early in the race." -- Photo Finish Photo

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