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Bobby in New "Lady Driver" Movie

lady driverYou can now add actor to Bobby's resume as he is in the new Netflix movie "Lady Driver". The racing-themed movie centers around a rebellious teen who searches for her unknown roots which leads her to the sport of dirt track racing and a discovery she didn't expect. “They did a great job," Bobby said. "Ali Afshar and Christina Moore, the producers, I got to meet them when I was out there in October 2017. They asked me some things, advice on how to make it feel more like a dirt track movie. It was really cool to see how they filmed everything. Once in a lifetime experience for sure. I met most of the actors and actresses. I hung out with them; it was cool. They were just as excited to learn about my world as I was excited to learn about theirs. It’s pretty cool to be in a movie. I never knew I’d be on Netflix in my life. I would have never imagined it. It’s great for dirt track racing in general. Big thanks to Forrest Lucas, ESX Entertainment, and Lucas Oil for letting me be a part of the movie.”

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