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Second in Controversial Finish at Macon Summer Nationals; DIRTcar Later Awards Bobby Winner's Share of Purse

macon jul4For the fifth time in the first ten DIRTcar Summer Nationals races, Bobby finished second Thursday night at Macon (IL) Speedway. It was not without controversy, however. Bobby took the checkered flag after the 100-lap race and appeared to finally grab his first tour win of the season, but it was determined that due to a caution for a stalled car on the backstretch, one lap would be put back on the scoreboard. As a result, Bobby lost the lead coming out of turn four coming to the second checkered flag of the race. “It’s one of them bad timing deals, I guess,” Bobby said. “When it’s not your time to win, it’s not your time to win. It just goes with anything. I didn’t hear them say caution, so I was about damn near crossing the checkered flag. I had my hand out the window and by then I think my adrenaline had picked up. I don’t think it had really calmed down before we took the green flag again. I was pretty heated that we didn’t have a called race. But I also couldn’t get the thing into low gear, so I was hitting it and hitting it. Just things like that that make you not really as calm. I kind of went in turn one on that green flag with one to go and kind of went in there too calm. The car pushed a little bit because I didn’t charge the corner. I was being a little cautious. So it made a shove and by the time I got a little bit free, these Pierce cars don’t turn as far right as the Rocket cars do, and I needed just that little bit more.”

After further review, DIRTcar officials determined that an error had been made and Bobby was awarded the $5,000 winner's pay, but was not given the win or points. -- Jimmy Dearing Photo

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