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i80 jul20Bobby got redemption Saturday night as he earned his biggest paying victory of his career in the Silver Dollar Nationals at I-80 (NE) Speedway! He came within three laps of the win in last year's race before engine trouble forced him out. “After what happened last year, I was on a mission,” Bobby said. “365 days to think about it … that was my biggest victory that ever got away from me by far.” This year, he started closer to the front (6th vs. 28th in 2018), and after trading the lead back and forth in the middle stages of the race, he was able to take the top spot for good on lap 66 and pull away to an over three second win...cashing in on a $53,000 payday! "I had some trouble on the restarts," Bobby said. "My dad was showing me different signals and wanting me to do more stuff out there. Luckily there wasn’t a caution with a few laps to go because it really could have been interesting. The World 100 is the World 100, but this is the biggest paying race I’ve ever won. After what happened last year with breaking after we knew we were probably gonna get the job done, this is right up there. It’s just sweet. And I really needed it because this is the first year I’m really on my own. My parents obviously help me, but winning this money tonight definitely helps. Thanks to my crew for keeping the bolts tight on everything. Thanks to all the fans for coming out and thanks to Joe Kosiski for all he does for the fans and the racers. Jeff Hoker and Mike Berger are here tonight, thanks to them for their support." Runner-up Chris Madden had this to say on Bobby's performance..."He puts his car in positions I am not sure anyone else can. He earned the win.” -- Heath Lawson Photo

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