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Prairie Dirt Classic Heartbreaker, Again

One day Bobby will join his dad as a winner of the Prairie Dirt Classic...that day is not today. On his way to victory Saturday night after dominating the 100-lap showcase, 20 years after his dad scored his third PDC, Bobby lost the lead in turn four on the final lap after contact as a result of an attempted slide job by the second place car. After gathering up his car, Bobby crossed the finish line in third. Miraciously, he was able to fight the cushion lap-after-lap and contend for the win with no power steering. “On lap zero, I was thinking, ‘okay, how many laps am I going to make it before I pull in?’” Bobby said. “Ever since I pulled out of the pit area, I didn’t have, or had very little, power steering. After we made about eight laps, I had almost none. At times, I had two hands on top of the steering wheel just to turn it back left so I didn’t hit the wall coming out of the corner.”

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