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$30,000 SHOW-ME 100 WINNER!!!

show me 100 may28Add another crown jewel to Bobby's resume! Starting 14th in the Show-Me 100 Sunday night at Lucas Oil Speedway, Bobby took the lead on the 87th lap and pulled away to his third crown jewel victory in less than a year and a $30,000 payday. He became the youngest winner in the history of the Show-Me 100 to match the same feat from last year's World 100 and North-South 100. “It’s not the World, or it’s not the North-South, but it feels just the same if not any better,” Pierce said. “Because whenever you can get a win, whether it’s even at a local race or a big crown jewel like this, it’s just the best thing in the world. I just want to thank a lot of people associated with this car, Hoker Trucking, Allgayer Inc, Champion Spark Plugs, Premier Waste Services, Berger’s Marina, Carnaghi’s Towing.” -- Heath Lawson Photo

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