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$20,000 Farmer City 74 Winner!!

farmer city may12Taking the lead on the 30th lap, Bobby pulled away to an almost six-second advantage as he cashed in on a $20,000 payday in the inaugural Farmer City 74 at Farmer City Raceway Friday night.

Starting third in the 74-lap main event, Bobby began contesting the top spot on the fifteenth lap. Eleven laps later he took over second place. Then after four more circuits he grabbed the lead. Racing the final 54 laps caution-free required Bobby to dice through heavy lapped traffic as he built up the insurmountable cushion he enjoyed at the finish.

“The track was great tonight,” said Pierce. “It had a bottom and a top. Normally whenever I’m good here on the top I can never run the bottom, but the car was really good tonight and I could really maneuver around. It got kind of hard there at the end though … I think my left-rear was really smoking off so I was holding on those last 20 laps. “It’s awesome,” Pierce said of his triumph. “I’ve got a lot of friends here, so many people that support us. Heck, as a racer, that’s all you can ask for — for people to support you. That’s what it’s all about." -- Jim DenHamer Photo

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