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world100Bobby duplicated his stirring — and wall-scraping — performance from Eldora's NASCAR Camping World Truck Series event two months earlier as he finished runner-up in the sport's most prestigious event, the World 100, Saturday night. He started fifth in the 100-lap race and moved up to second from laps 20-35 before slipping back to fifth through the race's middle stages, but he went from fourth to second on the 90th lap and finished one spot shy of becoming the Earl Baltes-founded event's youngest winner.

"I don't know I never really wanted to finish with the car looking the way it did you know like at the Mud Summer Classic with the truck," Pierce said of his beat-up No. 32. "But it looks the exact same way. I don't know, I guess it just happens.

"I think it hurt me a little bit going down the straight away and besides that really didn't seem to faze me. You know that's when you know you have a good car, you know when you can do that to your spoiler and just notice a little difference instead of a huge difference.

I don't know it was pretty cool, you know, this place is so much different than what it was heck last year, two years ago. Just to get the hang of it again, like we did back when I was first here for the World, it feels really good you know. It makes me look forward to coming back the next time. I don't know, I wanted to get it for Illinois."

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