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$5,000 Belle Clair Summer Nationals Sweep!

belleclair5000jul1Making his first start since his Sunday flip at Lincoln, Bobby was overall fast qualifier, won his heat by a straightaway and went on to pick up his first Summer Nationals win of the season Tuesday night at Belle Clair. Starting third, the "Smooth Operator" took the lead on lap 18 and held it until lap 26 but stayed close and retook the lead with four laps to go and scored the much needed win by 0.618 seconds. "When you're leading the race and then you end up losing it, no matter what you have to do, you want to get that lead back," said the 17-year-old Pierce. "I had a couple of good corners right in a row there, I caught Babb, and I knew that [a slider] was the only chance I had."

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